White v. Mazzella White, 60 AD3d 1047 (Appellate Division Second Department [2009]), wherein

the Supreme Courterred in determining that the Trustee in bankruptcy had the power to

enter into a stipulation determining defendant's equitable interest in the marital residence,

in precluding the defendant from being heard on the question of the distribution of that asset

, and in entering judgment in accordance with that stipulation.

Read full decision: White v. Mazzella White

Blackman v. Blackman, 131 Ad2d 801, 517 NYS 2d 167

(Appellate Division Second Department [1987]), affirmed in part, reversed in part,

directing the father to pay health insurance and medical costs

for the infant child, and reversing the vacatur of the income execution.

Gross, et al.  v. Levine, et al., __ AD2d__, __ NYS2d __

(Appellate Division Second Department [1989]), lv. denied 74 NY2d 610, 545 NE 2d 868,

546 NYS 2d 554 (1989), rearg denied, 74 NY2d 945,549 NE2d 481, 550 NYS 2d 279 (1989).

Levine, et al. v. Gross, et al., 177 AD 2d 290, 575 NYS 2d 864

(Appellate Division First Department [1991]), where the Court affirmed an order that

granted the law firm's motion for summary judgment that dismissed the

beneficiaries' negligence and legal malpractice complaint

against the law firm and that denied the beneficiaries' for summary judgment.